Drive retention and higher profits in your


TraXtion with TreadSpec 2.0 data collection

The only non-stop, one-step, no-labor product in the marketplace. Fast, easy, and low cost!

Whether you own a dealership, manage one, or run the service department, we know you’re juggling a million different tasks every day. And in addition to being busy, your mind is constantly thinking of new ways to generate revenue.

The answer is right in your service department! There’s money to be made—lots of it! You just need TraXtion technology.

What We Do

How We Do It

TreadSpec is the tire diagnostic solution of choice for dealership service departments. And it requires zero labor. Customers simply drive over the unit, and TraXtion automatically captures tire, alignment, and rotation diagnostics, then delivers a report to your customers’ mobile device.

We know you’ve heard it before, but is NOT …

… just another piece of unnecessary technology that’s hard to learn.

… a pricey investment that won’t create a return.

… a negative disruption to your service lane. It’s a positive addition!

TraXtion makes it simple to increase around-the-wheel work and realize a return on your investment on day one.