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Welcome Kia Dealerships!

TraXtion has created a seamless tool designed to help Kia dealers successfully sell more tires while empowering consumers to make informed purchasing decisions.  Your store can conveniently capture important vehicle data, offer a variety of tire options and enhance the customer experience on the service drive – all while lifting the burden from your service advisors and other staff.  There’s a better way to drive retention and sell more tires and wheel alignments, and we’d like to invite you to learn more.  

For more information and exclusive Kia pricing, simply call your TraXtion representative at 469.414.5998 or complete the form at the bottom of this page.  One of our team members will contact you promptly to schedule a demo and review of the opportunity.

What Can TraXtion Do for You?

  • Increase revenue from existing service lane traffic

  • Boost customer retention and combats defection

  • Promote resource efficiency and integrates into existing dealer workflow

  • Enhance the customer experience and promotes safety

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How TraXtion Works

5 steps with TraXtion
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No more stick gauges for your busy team.  TreadSpecX automatically scans 100% of the opportunities in your service drive.  Requires minimal footprint – don’t tear up the shop floor!

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Treadwear and wheel alignment diagnostics are texted directly to the consumer’s mobile phone, allowing them to make informed decisions about vehicle care and safety.

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With TraXtion’s DealerTire integration, consumers can easily shop for tires right from their phone, driving more sales and eliminating the heavy sales tactics that service advisors would rather avoid.

Successful Dealerships Using TraXtion