Installation walk-through

Welcome Installation Team!

TraXtion strives to assist our third-party installation team with best-in-class support.  You are an integral part of TraXtion’s success, not only because a quality installation enables our solutions to deliver accurate data for the dealership service department and its customers, but because you are the face of TraXtion to our valued clients.  If you experience any difficulties during the install or simply have questions, please call TraXtion’s Installation Support Line at 855.283.2296. 

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Module 1 – Unpacking the Box

Module 2 – A Level Surface for Installation

Module 3 – Laying it All Out

Module 4 – Connecting the PRTs

Module 5 – Tie Strapping the CAT5 into Keystone

Module 6 – Adhesive Promoter and Taping Cables Between PRTs

Module 7 – Plugging Cables into Control Box for Testing

Module 8 – Testing Car Sensor and Laser Lines

Module 9 – Anchoring the PRTs

Module 10 – LPR Camera and Cable Routing Through Arm

Module 11 – Drilling the Dog Houses and Attaching LPR Cam

Module 12 – Mounting the Control Box

Module 13 – Covering Cables from PRTs to Control Box

Module 14 – Pressure Pad Placement