Tire Profiles LLC on the Move

New Division and New Expert Join the Team

Irving, TX, November 15, 2016 –(PR.com)– Tire Profiles announced today the creation of a new division as well as the news of a key tire industry veteran joining their team. “Today I am pleased to announce that Mr. John Rastetter formally of Tire Rack has joined TPI as an industry consultant. John brings over 35 years of tire industry experience to our team,” said David Boyle the President and Chief Operating Officer of Tire Profiles. “It’s safe to say that John has forgotten more about selling tires than most of us will ever know,” Boyle went on to say.

At Tire Rack John was responsible for most of the content that is on their industry leading website, as well as the training of Tire Racks’ tire experts. “John’s role at Tire Profiles will be to help build the training content for our newly formed Customer Care Division that will provide remote and on-site coaching to our customers who use our TreadSpec and Groove Glove products,” Boyle said.

“With the formation of this new division we are launching a new marketing campaign with the slogan, ‘we don’t just measure tires, we help you sell tires,’” he went on to say. Tire Profiles is the industry leader in laser based tire and alignment diagnostic technology that is sold to new car dealers and aftermarket repair and tire shops. “We provide some of the best technology and software tools for this industry but the key to any great tool is proper utilization,” Boyle noted. “We are a full service provider, he added, and it’s not enough for our products to work but the must be properly used and deliver the desired results.” By adding the process coaching element Tire Profiles will further enhance its leadership position in tire and alignment measurement solutions. “Our customers need to see us as someone who will not only sell them a great product but as a partner who will help them use it and drive the additional sales and revenue they bought it for,” Boyle added.

Tire Profiles is the industry leading software and laser technology company building solutions that dramatically improve retention through tires and gross profit through alignment sales. Big Data is also becoming an integral part of the solution, enhancing the program to make it, simple to implement, simple to execute and simple to manage.

About The Author John Rastetter

Mr. John Rastetter has over 35 years of tire industry experience specializing in consumer interaction strategies. At Tire Profiles John is directly responsible for building the training content for the newly formed Customer Care Division; providing remote and on-site coaching to the TreadSpec and Groove Glove customers.