Scott Gregg
Service Director, Tucson Subaru

Throughout our partnership with TraXtion we have experienced growth in our tire and alignment sales. However, nothing compares to the explosion in alignment sales that we had in April 2022 when compared to April 2021 where we doubled our sales figure with an almost flat RO count. Performance coaching and training available from Traxtion has played a big part in our success.

Damon Egan
Service Manager, Sherwood Ford

During our relationship with the TraXtion program along with our Success Coach we have continued to see a positive trend in our tire sales. However, those small bumps pale in comparison to the growth we had in May 2022 over May 2021 where we more than doubled our tire sales with a similar RO count. We are striving to be the tire retailer of choice not only here in Alberta but in all of Canada.

Jim Halford
Service Director, Love Honda

Since installing the TraXtion program in April of 2021, we’ve increased alignment sales from a total of 16 to 105 alignments in April of 2022 with a flat year over year RO count. In fact, we just had to replace the alignment machine with a new one based on the higher volume over the last 12 months. Spending the money for a new machine was a no brainer with the kind of ROI we’ve seen from the Traxtion program.

Brad Mugg
Managing Partner, Honda of Downtown Los Angeles

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Dan Warren
Service Director, Mercedes-Benz of Georgetown

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Abraham “AB” Balderas​​
Service Director, Sport City Toyota

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James Freel
Service Director, Crest Cars Auto Group

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