DAN WARREN rose to the top of his 20 Group with TraXtion.
Brad’s advisors sell more in less time with TraXtion.
James found the secret to record-breaking profits was right in his service drive.
The ONLY Software as a Service (SaaS) AND Equipment as a Service (EaaS) product in the automotive industry! THE fixed ops profitability platform GUARANTEED to drive higher profits, Service Advisor productivity, customer satisfaction and retention!

Ask about our “ love it or leave it ” SatisfaXtion guarantee.

Ask about our
love it or leave it
SatisfaXtion guarantee.

Let TraXtion do the heavy lifting.

Drive profits with cloud-based technology through data engagement and trust.

Boost sales by capturing 100% of opportunities.

Present all service opportunities to your customer immediately via text message.

Ease the sales process for your advisors.

Reduce customer defections early in the relationship.

Use real-time data to follow up with customers and predict when services are needed next.

We stand behind our technology and guarantee your success starting on day one! Plus, we’ll offer support every step of the way. BUT, if in the first 90 days you don’t love it, we’ll rip up your contract—no questions asked!

How TraXtion works


Your customer vehicle enters your service lane.


Simply drive over the TreadSpecX unit to perform a TraXtion scan.


Your customer receives a vehicle health check of alignments, tires, and rotation needs sent immediately to their smart phone.


Your advisors can have a meaningful conversation with the customer about current or future work.


The result: Your dealership service department gains the trust and loyalty of every customer.

You’re leaving money on the table

TraXtion has scanned 35 million vehicles—45% of those vehicles need alignments, rotations, or new tires. If you’re not getting your share of around-the-wheel work, you’re missing out on big money!
92% defect from dealer service departments to buy tires elsewhere.
Consumers who visit your service department in the last 12 months are 74% more likely to buy another vehicle from you.

What could your profits be?

The TraXtion Gross Profit Calculator is made to give you a very good idea to the potential profit your service center can be missing out on by not using our products. Three basic operational values is all we need. With these values our calculator goes to work to provide you with your potential profit.

Get the TraXtion data collection solution that fits your needs.


Groove Glove​​

Need something that's easy to use and fits in the palm of your hand? TraXtion's award-winning, one-of-a-kind, laser-based tire scanner uses a Wi-Fi signal to capture all necessary data for tire and alignment diagnostics.

TreadSpec cropped-2


Let your customers drive over the unit and TreadSpec will diagnose and provide data to show when their tires will need replacement. Our proprietary TreadTracker report helps with retention, efficiency, and profitability.

TraXtion is going to keep my alignment racks full every day. It paid for itself in three days! In our first month we added over 175 alignments, and we were doing a pretty good job already.
Brad Mugg
Managing Partner, Honda of Downtown Los Angeles
We love it! We’ve noticed a big increase in tire and alignment sales from day one!
Abraham “AB” Balderas​
Service Director, Sports City Toyota
I tell people all the time, if you want to make more money, a lot more money in your service drive, you need to do this. If you don’t, you’re missing out big time!
James Freel​
Parts and Service Director, Crest Cadillac

We know you’ve heard it before, but is NOT …

… just another piece of unnecessary technology that’s hard to learn.

… a pricey investment that won’t create a return.

… a negative disruption to your service lane. It’s a positive addition!

TraXtion makes it simple to increase around-the-wheel work and realize a return on your investment on day one.

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